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New art work: Kingfisher

After my last Steampunk painting I decided to do another wildlife picture, this time of a Kingfisher. I like to do my wildlife paintings to bring me back down to earth and marvel at the beauty of nature.
The British Kingfisher is one on my favourite birds and I always hope to see one when I go down to the river bank. They are like living jewels in such rich iridescent colours that I hope I captured in my painting.

In other news I have opened a Etsy and Folksy shop to sell my new greeting cards and hope to reach a wider audience with my art work.
Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Fantasyandfauna?ref=pr_shop

Folksy Shop: http://www.folksy.com/shops/fantasyfauna

New Etsy store

I decided to add a new Etsy store as well as my shop selling my toadstool houses. This Etsy is for my printed artwork only and so far has greeting cards for sell.
I got my cards printed by moo.com and I am so pleased with the result.

Check it out : http://www.etsy.com/shop/Fantasyandfauna?ref=pr_shop


New art work: Steam Dragon Wars

I have just completed my latest works titled Steam Dragon Wars. This painting proved a challenge to paint and is one of my most detailed yet!
I wanted to paint another dragon as I have not done so in such a long time but I also wanted to do another Steampunk inspired piece so I mixed the two together and created a steam-powered mechanical dragon!
This piece started to develop in to a story line all of it's own. Why did such mechanical beasts exist? For what purpose? A War? Against another air borne machine.. a airship (got to love airships)
And so the story unfolded that two warring faction- The Lactions are Aristocratic and wealthy. Their air ships are grand in design and built with a team of engineers with the best scientists available working on new and advanced technology. This includes cannons, machine guns, Tesla coil powered Harpoon which can be interchanged with a net gun.

The Dragonar's Steam-powered dragons are a old technology but are still masters of the sky. "breathing fire and setting ablaze anything in their path. hydraulic jaws enable then to crush armoured machines effortlessly. Powerful wings propel their bulk with ease. Their shadow on the ground causes fear and panic.

The majority of this work was experimental for me, I wanted to practice my composition, lighting, mood and just try new techniques too.
Any way with out further a do I am pleased to present: Steam Dragon Wars

Check my website for more detailed views http://fantasyfauna.yolasite.com/steam-dragon-wars.php

New work in progress

Today I did some more work on my Steampunk picture with the mechanical dragons. I got to work on adding some of the enemies to the piece. This is the country who use war airships. The country who use them have a aristocratic background with plenty of money. I wanted the ships to look ostentatious with gold fixtures, luscious colours and with advanced technology and Science!
The ships feature a Tesla harpoon gun which can be interchanged with a net gun, two cannons to the side, a cannon is also in the Lions mouth at the front of the airship.

This ship is only a small portion of the painting, I might add some more in the background too.

I also made a little model of the ship to help me draw it from different angles.

I can't believe it is now 2011. 2010 was a good year for me and my artwork. I went to some amazing events and met some lovely people in the last 12 months. This year I am looking to take my artwork in a new direction. I will still be producing Fantasy and wildlife based works rest assured, however after the sucess of my painting "Faerie catcher" I have decided to concentrate on more Steampunk themed pieces.

For those who are unsure what Steampunk is then imagine a world during Queen Victoria's reign but technology is more advanced. So airships, steam powered mechanical robots, ladies and gentlemen in googles and you have the basics of what Steampunk is. To learn more about this genre then you can't go wrong by visiting Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk

To celebrate this new direction I have revamped my website banner with a new one.

So for my current artwork I am creating a story about two warring countries. One uses giant mechanical steam dragons and the other have weaponised airships with a winged lion motif thing going on.
Here is a sketch of what the airships will look like.

lets see what the next 12 months will bring!


It's my birthday!!!!!



another wip

TO get away from all my silly little problems I have been busy getting on with my latest artwork.
This one is really the most detailed picture I have worked on so far. I do hope it is all worth it.


My life is one big mess and I don't even know how to begin untangling it.
Last night I had yet another guy on Facebook add me who just turned out to be some weirdo who wants to stalk me! That is the third this week! Perhaps I should be more careful on who I add as a friend from now on...
I'm trying to put on a brave face but I feel my whole world crumbling around me as I try to prove myself to the ones I love and make decisions that could end up being the wrong ones.
I don't want this twisted feeling in my stomach any more. :( I want it to all end now but that means be doing something and I don't know what that something is.
Some times I wish I could be alone for a while, away from all this just be myself and who I want to be but if I do that I think it would be the end of many things. And that is what is so scary.

No support

I had an enlightening shopping trip with my mother today. We met a few people down town and she got talking to them and of course she mentioned how i'm an artist but I don't have a job and such and how hard it is. On the third person she met she then started saying how parts of me she doesn't like! I am her daughter and she loves me dearly BUT she wishes I was different. That the one thing I used to do with her, that's watching a soap called Home and Away, I don't do any more because I found the story lines absurd and I think my time can be better spent doing other things.
My mother does not get me and she never will, but to say all this to someone in front of me really really hurt.
I do far more with my mum then any of my friends do with theirs! My mate Hannah sees her mum on very rare occasions.
If she feels that way then perhaps I should just leave her completely! It does annoy me so much when she gets like this!
Some times I hate writing about this because I know people will just say "well move out then" and in truth I could do that but I don't have any income to survive on.
I don't know what else there is I can do to make my mother happy and proud of me.

I will make it

so here is another work in progress picture.

Working on the faerie king/Prince..... I've never done a male faerie being before. I hope I can pull it off. Oh and armour is tricky but I hope the end result looks fab!

I had a bit of an upset over the weekend. I met up with an old college friend of mine and we got discussing another friend of mine who is also an artist. Anyway I was told that apparently she has changed and hangs out with not very nice people. Anyway they got talking about art and My friend (we shall call her Kelly) said to my other friend. "OH Lindsey's artwork is nice and all but she will never make it as there is not a very big market for fantasy."

When Kelly told me that this is what was being said about me I got very upset but then laughed. I may not be that very popular as an artist right now, but at least I have sold my artwork to other people around the world rather then just to friends and family. Just hurt me a bit to find out my friend thinks this about me.

Any way on to the art!